This is for all community members who wish to participate as consumers and support the Co-op by consuming local, organic/ecologically responsible products, healthy food, education and cooking classes as well as health-related products and services.

You can also become a member at our events. Check out our event listings.

This is for health practitioners in the regulated health professions who wish to participate as providers of services, consultation and education. As health practitioner members, they are also entitled to all the benefits of the Consumer Members. There will be a Health Practitioner Agreement for Health-Practitioner Members to sign off before they start to provide services and consultation.

After signing up or sending your application form, the Co-op staff will contact you to set up a meeting to go through the Health Practitioner Agreement and other policy and protocols before formally admitting to membership. You can also become a member at our events. Check out our event listings.

This is for all community partners who wish to participate as (i) consumers and/or (ii) producers:

  • Community partners (Consumers) are organizations or corporations that consume the diverse services and products that the Co-op will offer
  • Community partners (Producers) are organizations and individuals who produce and sell their products and services in the Co-op. They can be individual or corporate producers, local farmers, private businesses, or any community organizations.

There will be a Community Partner Member (Producer) Agreement for Community Partner Members to sign off before they start to provide services and products.

This membership are also consumers: they can use this membership to receive benefits just like Consumer Members.

Long term staff are offered the worker membership after a successful one-year employment term. Your membership reflects strong participation in our governance structure and vision for the Co-op.  Our staff interacts with all levels of membership and this engagement is valued.

Benefits: Worker members are granted involvement with our Board of Directors on behalf of our staff. Your ideas, input and suggestions for direction of the co-op are appreciated.

If you are ready to apply for the membership, please download the forms below, where the membership agreement can be viewed.

Community Partner Membership (Producer) Form 2019
Consumer Membership Form 2019
Health Practitioner form 2019

Fill and sign the form using Adobe Acrobat DC, and then send it back to the email with the subject line: Sprouts Coop Membership Application. Or if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat DC, you can print the form out, sign it. Then scan it back to your computer and email with the same subject line.

If you still have questions about joining as a member of Sprouts Food and Health Co-op, please use the form below to contact us, and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for your interest.

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