Project Description

Contact PersonRocchina Volpe
Farm Address1375 Pickering/Uxbridge Townline, Claremont, ON
Farm Profile and VisionClassic Touch Clean It Up is a 10-acre family farm operated by Rocchina Volpe who is a retired Italian lady and who has found extreme enjoyment in farming.


Vision: Rocchina’s passion is to apply her knowledge and secret natural healthy recipes in growing her veggies and crop and to raise her hens. She enjoys working in her farm and sharing her produce and eggs with neighbours and her customers. She loves her hens and treats them so well that the hens lay top quality, nutrients rich and delicious eggs everyday. She also runs a small cappuccino and veggie kiosk in her front yard.

Why become a producer member of SproutsClassic Touch Clean It Up follows religiously the organic growing standards even though it is not certified organic yet. Sprouts is proud to support small local family farms that may lack the resources for marketing and certification. Classic Touch Clean it Up takes pride to venture into and connect with the Asian communities by growing the Asian produce to meet the needs of these communities.
ProductsMicrogreens: Different microgreens to be sold in winter time.

Produce: different varieties of tomato, pepper, eggplant, celery, a variety of herbs

Eggs: Free run eggs feeding on organic feeds.