Project Description

Contact Person Polly Leung
Address 22 Esna Park Drive, Markham, ON L3R1E1
Profile and Mission This mission of the Markham Wesley Centre is to build a harmonious community by creating hope, opportunity and action. The Center focuses on providing enriching programs and essential social and cultural services. It strives to empower people to enhance their lives, promote overall community well-being, advocate for justice and inspire volunteers to love, serve, and share. The center provides a wide range of programs and services for residents of all ages.


Why become a producer member of Sprouts The Markham Wesley Centre is pleased to join Sprouts as a community partner member as both organizations are committed to promoting community well-being through empowerment and addressing inequity, particularly targeting the ethnic communities.
Collaborative Programs Starting March 2018, Sprouts and Markham Wesley Centre work closely together to launch a new collaborative program namely “Organic Gardening and Wellness Program”.  The program will last for 8 months, meeting bi-weekly on alternate Saturday mornings. The purpose of the program is to promote organic gardening, foster knowledge on producing organic foods and supporting local organic farmers, and promoting healthy living.


The first session is scheduled on March 17 (Saturday) at 11 am at the Centre. The topic is about the difference genetically modified (GM) foods and organic foods and the impact of GM foods. For more detail, please click here.