Project Description

Contact PersonKat Lun Yong
Farm Profile and VisionWindyview Acres farm is a family farm of 100 acres, with 5-6 acres for active organic farming. Kat Lun Yong, the owner, and his wife work on the farm. The rest of the farm land is green houses, barn and rented out for growing grass (hay).


Kat Lun Yong has acquired the farm since 2007 and has since practiced organic/ecologically responsible farming. His major business is growing a wide variety of “starter plants” – mainly mushroom and Asian produce as well as growing vegetables for his own family and a small circle of friends and individual customers.


Vision: Since his young age, Kat Lun has already developed an interest in science and farming. To him, farming gives him a sense of independence – everything he needs is in the earth. He can work on his own to produce the best quality of products based on his research. His vision is to apply his best knowledge and technology on ecological production to produce the best quality products.

Why become a producer member of SproutsKat Lun has a very interesting saying that, “He studies Science but he does not totally believe in Science.” It is because the more he learns about Science, the more ignorant he finds himself to be. The nature/earth is so immense that it has its own intrinsic way of healing itself. Chemical ways cannot treat every problem of farming. He prefers to return to Nature using Nature’s rules in his farming practices – farming in a natural and sustainable way.


Windyview Acres joins Sprouts as we share similar philosophies. Sprouts supports local farmers such as Windyview Acres as we are proud to supply ecologically responsible produce and products to our members. Windyview Acres is planning for organic certification in the near future.

ProductsStart plants/seedlings: Mushroom spawns, a whole list of Asian vegetables

Produce: tomato, pepper, eggplant, water melon, celery, orka, a variety of herbs.

Talks: Kat Lun is able to give talks on myths and facts on GMOs, organic farming