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An update from our Organic Gardening and Wellness Group:

Between April and October 2018, members of our Organic Gardening and Wellness Group are taking on a special project – the Sharing Backyard, Sharing Fun Project. This is a gardening project where we are sharing backyards and learning to grow organic vegetables.

Following an event where we learned about growing vegetables, we had 4 families in our community open up their backyards so that together, we can share raised garden beds for organic gardening. In the month of May, members got together to learn and assist in building raised garden beds.

This project allows members to enjoy the responsibilities of a raised garden bed in another member’s backyard. This provides an economic benefit of sharing the costs of setting up the common garden space with the other members. Ultimately, this helps to break barriers for individuals who do not have the space, means, or abilities to build a garden bed and grow organic vegetables on their own.

While sharing backyards, we are also sharing resources and knowledge. With the help of an instructor and engineering member, a single mother now has a raised garden bed in her backyard!

Members have help and support at each step of the way – from advice on where to buy soil and tools on sale, to the actual construction of the raised garden bed. This project aims to empower members to grow their own organic food. By providing these resources, we are creating the opportunity for organic gardening within our community to many.


This is an empowering project sharing the joy of organic gardening. While providing practical application of organic gardening knowledge, this project is also building community and cohesion as friendships and support develops between the backyard owner and the members sharing the garden.

We can’t wait to share more!


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